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PJ and Peter J. Diggle


To Do List

  1. option for computing and use geodesic distance in geoR functions (e.g.to allow arc distance calculations from lat/long coordinates)

Possible bugs to be checked

  1. check examples provided by Ana and Lucília returning positive log-likelihoods
  2. by Ole FC (2007-03-07):

In hist.krige.bayes() there is a call to hist with the options prob=FALSE and plot=FALSE. This gives a warning. Illustration:

hist(rnorm(16),prob=FALSE, plot=FALSE)

Suggestions for geoR


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[2002, article | www]
Christensen, O. F., & {Ribeiro Jr}., P. J. (2002). {geoRglm}: a package for generalised linear spatial models. R-NEWS, 26-28.


  1. R Spatial task view and R-SIG-Geo resources

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