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Eggs counts and Environment covs

  • "eggs": egg counts for all sites. We can focus on the site EM for starting. And only the total Aedes aegipti counts ("NRO_AEDES_AEGYPTI")
  • "points": coordinates of the trap locations. This is an "sp" object

(SpatialpointsdataFrame) and requires the package sp. coordinates can be seem in a matrix format with:


For Engenho do Meio only substitute it by the covs.txt (described above)

  • "stationID" ID's for sites/meteorological stations
  • "stations" : meteorological data
  • "traps": location of the trap (not very useful at this stage)

R-object with all

Fixed covariates

Fixed covariates Engenho do Meio

  • "trap" - id
  • "x" "y" - spatial coords
  • "npeople" - number of people living in each house
  • "pltv" - plants in vases
  • "ljst" - roof not covered (Laje)
  • "calh" - roof drainage
  • "bignocover" - big water reservoires, not covered
  • "garbage" - periodicity of garbage colletion

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