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 ===== Project summary ===== ===== Project summary =====
 +The package geoRglm is an add-on package to package geoR for inference in spatial GLM's.
 +The purpose being to provide inferential tools relying on MCMC for these models.
 +The project was initiated some years ago, and has not been much developed during the last years.
 +In particular, the approximative methods developed by Rue and coauthors would likely make the  ​
 +package obsolete sometime in the near future.
 +[Ole's Statement about the package, 20 April 2007]
 ===== To Do ===== ===== To Do =====
 +(April 2007)
 +geoRglm seems to not fully accomodate the use of trend.spatial() when providing covariate input to functions.
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 ===== Links ===== ===== Links =====
-  - [[http://​www.leg.ufpr.br/​geoRglm|Página web da geoRglm]] +  - [[http://​www.leg.ufpr.br/​geoRglm|geoRglm ​web-page]]

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