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-======Case Study 2====== + 
-**Modeling Interdependent Consumer Preferences** + 
-An individual'​s preference for an offering can be influenced by the preferences of others in many ways, ranging from the phychological benefits of social identification and inclusion to the benefits network externalities.Yet models of unobserved heterogeneity,​using random effects specifications typically assume that draws from the mixing distribution are independently distributed.If the pr{{pessoais:​2007-14-08-laboratori_1.pdf|}}eerences of an individual are dependent on the preferences of others, then it will be useful to incorporate these dependencies in our standard models.The challenge in modeling dependencies between consumers is to choose a flexible yet parsimonious model of dependence. That is,some struture must be impposed on the covariance across consumers in order to make the model tractable. ​ + 
-Yang and Allenby (2003)use a Bayesian spatial autoregressive discrete choice model to study the preference interdependence among individual consumers.The autoregressive specification can reflect patterns of heterogeneity where influence propagates withinand across networs. These patterns can be difficult to capture with covariates in a standard random effects model. Interdependent preferences are illustrated with data on automobile purchases, where preferences for Japanese-made cars are shown to be related to geographic and demographically defined networks+ 
 +======Laboratório I====== 
 +Artigo selecionado para a apresentação na disciplina - Laboratório I 
 +Apresentação do Artigo 
 ===== Bibliografia ===== ===== Bibliografia =====

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